Coffee Cocktail

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Chances are when you think of coffee you think of a hot beverage usually consumed in the morning.  With the growing popularity of cold brew coffees and cold espresso drinks, coffee is being enjoyed nearly around the clock these days, and that's great!  We have a delicious and simple coffee cocktail that you can enjoy on a beautiful summer afternoon.  Here's how to make it: 1 part cold brew or iced coffee(we prefer a lighter roast like our Beach Vibes, or a complex coffee like our Nicaraguan) 1 part tonic 1 part vodka Juice of a lime wedge Pour over...

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New Arrival: 7/6

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New coffee alert:  We have a fantastic new fair trade organic coffee from Nicaragua that is now available in the store.  A really great coffee that is full bodied and complex.  Easily one of my top 5 coffees ever.  We have a pretty good amount of it but it may go fast so you might want to get it while the getting is good.  As always, shipping is free with an order over $35 from the Honest Roast Coffee store.  Click here to shop now!  

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Review: Bodum Pour Over

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Bodum Pour Over: Just another pour over to pore over? Chemex and Hario users, there is a new kid on the block. The Bodum pour over was recently released looking to take a chunk out of the pour over market from the big boys. It includes Bodum’s always modern styling and a rather unique gold mesh filter. The filter is really what got my attention, simply because I was curious if it could really trap all of the sediment that you typically see with a mesh filter or with a French press. It also includes this little red stopper.  It...

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Workplace Rioting

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Attention Office Supply Manager:Does your office supply coffee to employees?  Have you recently experienced riots in the workplace?  After several years of made up research, we've concluded that workplace rioting is a direct result of poor coffee in the office.  We here at Honest Roast Coffee don't want you to have workplace riots.  Riots bad.  Coffee good. Honest Roast Coffee can supply you with freshly roasted specialty coffee in any quantity you require.  Not sure if you are at risk of workplace rioting?  Please check the break room for these clues:Does your coffee come in a can?Does the coffee aroma...

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