Review: Bodum Pour Over

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Bodum Pour Over: Just another pour over to pore over?

Chemex and Hario users, there is a new kid on the block. The Bodum pour over was recently released looking to take a chunk out of the pour over market from the big boys. It includes Bodum’s always modern styling and a rather unique gold mesh filter.

The filter is really what got my attention, simply because I was curious if it could really trap all of the sediment that you typically see with a mesh filter or with a French press.

It also includes this little red stopper.  It doesn't serve much of a purpose but I like it and decided to take a picture.

They also have a rather attractive price point, one can be had in a variety of colors for $30 directly from Bodum. If you shop around you can find them for even less. It’s prettier than a V60, and depending on your tastes, better looking than the Chemex. It’s also a good deal cheaper than a comparable sized Chemex. And if you want to add a reusable mesh filter to your Chemex, the Bodum is a steal!

When you really get down to brass tacks, performance is the most important aspect of any coffee maker(insert Keurig jab here). I’d probably make coffee out of an old shoe if it produced a truly impressive cup. So for me at least, looks are secondary to function. So how does it preform? Extremely well. The coffee rendered is impeccably clean in flavor. The body of the coffee is typically what benefits least from a pour over and using the Bodum is a similar experience.  Some coffees just taste better using a brewing method that allows the water to have optimal residence time with the grounds.  And those coffees tend to be coffees with heavy body, such as a Brazil or Colombia into second crack(Our Colombian is a great example of this, it's just not the same unless you perc or french press brew).  Though I do find darker roasts have a fantastic boldness with this pour over. And the initial bouquet is superior to that of French press and on par with other pour over devices.

Using the gold (or stainless) filter does remove the “paper taste” that does effect coffee brewed using paper filters(I can always taste paper when using a paper filter method, no matter the coffee, method, café, barista, etc).  And while it does leave some amount of sediment, you won’t notice it unless you drink the last 10% or so of the coffee in the bottom. Every cup you pour to that last 10% will be just as clean as coffee brewed using a paper filter. My recommendation would be to pour just until you see that first stream of sediment and then dump the remaining coffee.

Over all I feel Bodum has a very solid product and it has now become my go to brewing device. At least for this week. I tend to give in to the ebb and flow of brewing methods, sometimes only a French press will do, sometimes espresso, right now I’m all about this pour over.  

Learn more at BODUM.

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