Review: Phoenix 70 Pour Over by Saint Anthony Industries

coffee coffee brewing phoenix 70 pour over pourover review

So how does the coffee taste?  Does it live up to expectation?  To be honest, I almost assumed it wouldn’t preform just because I wanted it to work and be my new favorite pour over because it just looks so darn cool.  I was absolutely ready to be let down by poor quality filters that left the cup tasting like fresh cut lumber, or for it to just not work, the filter collapses and falls over the moment you begin to brew or some other catastrophic defect…

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Review: Bodum Pour Over

bodum chemex coffee hario pour over pourover review

Bodum Pour Over: Just another pour over to pore over? Chemex and Hario users, there is a new kid on the block. The Bodum pour over was recently released looking to take a chunk out of the pour over market from the big boys. It includes Bodum’s always modern styling and a rather unique gold mesh filter. The filter is really what got my attention, simply because I was curious if it could really trap all of the sediment that you typically see with a mesh filter or with a French press. It also includes this little red stopper.  It...

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