Review: Phoenix 70 Pour Over by Saint Anthony Industries

coffee coffee brewing phoenix 70 pour over pourover review

So how does the coffee taste?  Does it live up to expectation?  To be honest, I almost assumed it wouldn’t preform just because I wanted it to work and be my new favorite pour over because it just looks so darn cool.  I was absolutely ready to be let down by poor quality filters that left the cup tasting like fresh cut lumber, or for it to just not work, the filter collapses and falls over the moment you begin to brew or some other catastrophic defect…

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Not Just Coffee: AJ Fernandez New World Connecticut Belicoso Review

A Connecticut to Conquer them all? Welcome to the second installment of our "Not Just Coffee" section of the Honest Roast Coffee Blog.  If you happened to have missed the first, we reviewed a fantastic beer.  Check it out here.  This time around we are reviewing a very nice cigar from AJ Fernandez: the New World Connecticut Belicoso.  The original New World by AJ Fernandez is currently in my top 10 list of favorite cigars so I had high hopes for the Connecticut as well.  I enjoy a milder cigar from time to time, be it in the morning with...

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Not Just Coffee: A blog inside a blog

beer cigars cool shit music whiskey

Variety is the spice of life.  While we love coffee, there are certainly a great many other things that we enjoy be it craft beer, whiskey, cool locations, music, and everything else that makes life more enjoyable. Why not spotlight those things in a blog within our blog?  We are going to call it "Not Just Coffee" and this is the first installment!  And it's a good one as we take a closer look at a fantastic beer brewed right here in Eau Claire by Lazy Monk Brewing!  This particular brew is Golden Sunrise.  A seasonal option of theirs that...

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What you really wanted 20% off sale!

coffee sale

Wanted coffee for Christmas and got socks instead?  Got a gift card burning a hole in your pocket?  Lucky for you, we are having a 20% off everything sale!  Get some whiskey coffee, or maybe a coffee scrub, it's up to you as it's all 20% off!  Just use code "whatiwanted20" at checkout to save 20% on your entire order!

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How to clean your coffee grinder aka the most exciting thing in the world!

cleaning coffee fun grinder

So, this is hardly going to be the sexiest blog post about coffee, but it's an important and often overlooked process that greatly affects your morning cup of coffee.  It's relatively painless and only takes about 10 minutes to do.  You will absolutely be glad you spent a little quality time with your coffee grinder.  Let's get our hands dirty... So here is what we are starting with.  This is my Capresso Infinity burr coffee grinder that I use at home every day.  Can't even begin to imagine how many pounds of beans this thing has ground but it's probably...

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