Review: Phoenix 70 Pour Over by Saint Anthony Industries

coffee coffee brewing phoenix 70 pour over pourover review

So how does the coffee taste?  Does it live up to expectation?  To be honest, I almost assumed it wouldn’t preform just because I wanted it to work and be my new favorite pour over because it just looks so darn cool.  I was absolutely ready to be let down by poor quality filters that left the cup tasting like fresh cut lumber, or for it to just not work, the filter collapses and falls over the moment you begin to brew or some other catastrophic defect…

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Brewing the perfect cup

coffee coffee brewing coffee filter coffee grinder espresso french press pour over

The question I get asked the most from people about coffee is: “How do I brew a great cup of coffee?” This is often a difficult question to answer. You can make coffee several different ways and there are countless variables involved in each method that can significantly alter the quality of your cup. Often, the simplest things can throw off your cup more than anything (including even the quality of the coffee you are brewing). The best thing you can do, regardless of the way you brew your coffee, is to use good clean water. Filtered water, be it...

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