Labor Day Sale: 20% Off

Happy Labor day!  Celebrate with 20% off everything in the store.  Use code "LABOR20" to get 20% off coffee, scrubs, and apparel.  Code is valid from 9/2/2016 to 9/6/2016.

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New Coffees 8/16

We've added a few new coffees this week to the online store.  First up is a fantastic Yirgacheffe.  I'm not typically a fan of Yirgs, but this one is amazing.  It's a very sweet, punchy coffee.  Subtle brightness that isn't over powering gives way to luscious sweet fruit notes.  The coffee has good body and has a brown sugar finish.  Really impressive cup all around.  You can get it our Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Kochere here! If you are looking for a great decaf, look no further than our Peru Royal Select Mountain Water Process decaf.  We roast it to a medium...

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Coffee for your skin?

coffee coffeescrub dry glycolic organic scrub wet

Aren't you supposed to, you know, drink coffee? About a year ago I ran into a coffee scrub product online and was naturally intrigued, it was coffee after all.  Science behind it seemed sound enough and I logged the information in my brain as "Coffee is good for your skin too.  Who knew?"  As time went on, I began to think more about this coffee scrub idea.  I naturally began to research the scrubs in more detail.  The first thing that stood out to me was that no information was being disclosed as to what this coffee was and where...

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5lbs Bags now avilable!

coffee news

Do you like coffee?  Do you REALLY like coffee?  Do you like saving money?  If you answered "yes" to these questions you are going to be thrilled that we are now offering our fresh roasted to order specialty coffees in 5lbs bags!  More of the coffee you love and you save money!  What can be better than that?  Plus all 5lbs order ship free!  We're not really seeing a downside to this...  Order now!

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Back to School Sale!

back to school coffee sale

It's that time of the year again.  When you are gearing back up to hit the books and fill your brain with knowledge, don't forget your friends at Honest Roast Coffee are here to help.  From now until September 9th, use the code "back2school" to save 10% off your entire order!  You can keep your late night study sessions going well into morning with our fresh roasted coffees.  Shop now! We are also extending this sale locally so stop by the roasting shop and solve for Avogadro's number and you can also get 10% off!  Just kidding, we won't make...

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