Coffee for your skin?

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Aren't you supposed to, you know, drink coffee?

About a year ago I ran into a coffee scrub product online and was naturally intrigued, it was coffee after all.  Science behind it seemed sound enough and I logged the information in my brain as "Coffee is good for your skin too.  Who knew?"  As time went on, I began to think more about this coffee scrub idea.  I naturally began to research the scrubs in more detail.  The first thing that stood out to me was that no information was being disclosed as to what this coffee was and where it was coming from.  Was it used grounds from a gas station in Mexico?  Was it Arabica? What roast were they using and did it matter?  As these questions flooded my mind, I started to feel that I could build a better coffee scrub.




First, let's touch a little on the science behind a coffee scrub and why you should put it on your skin.  Coffee is one of the best sources of natural caffeine in the world.  Caffeine when applied to the skin acts similar to an astringent, it tones and firms the skin.  Think of it like before the caffeine, your skin is slouching in a chair, and after caffeine it stands up straight.  Look in just about any anti-aging and anti-cellulite product and you will see caffeine as a main ingredient.  This caffeine however is likely synthesized in the form of caffeine anhydrous, which is actually the byproduct of decaf coffee.  It's a watery sludge that is left over from washing the coffee beans in water to remove the caffeine.  It just seemed more logical to use coffee in it's natural state.  Coffee, especially fresh roasted coffee, is very high in antioxidants as well, which is great when you consume it in addition to external use.  We also chose to include some raw green coffee in our scrub to kick the caffeine and antioxidant profile up another notch.  Organic sugar is the next ingredient as it is a natural humectant(helps your skin retain moisture)and great source of natural glycolic acid(most glycolic acid is synthesized from formaldehyde, so yuck).  Our wet scrub also adds cold pressed organic coconut oil.  We wanted a paste form for ease of use in a mask and targeted area application.  Coconut oil is also fantastic for your skin and there is a myriad of information out there.  It's great stuff and our wet scrub smells like a Mound's bar!


How do I use it?

Using our Glycolic Coffee Scrubs is very easy.  Use the wet scrub as a mask or use to target problem areas(legs and stomach to target cellulite, face for acne and fine lines, also a great pre-shave).  Simply rub about a nickle sized amount of the scrub to the area you want to work on and give it 3 to 5 minutes to do it's thing and rinse with warm water.  Our Dry Glycolic Coffee Scrub comes in single use .8oz packets.  Simply tear open in the shower and use as an all over treatment to exfoliate and nourish the skin.  You can use both the Wet Glycolic Coffee Scrub and Dry Glycolic Coffee Scrub several times a week to keep your skin looking great and help reduce cellulite, fine lines, and acne.  We formulated our scrubs using the finest natural ingredients and our fresh roasted specialty fair trade organic coffees.  We feel these are the best coffee scrub products available and are confident you will feel the same.  Get the Dry Glycolic Coffee Scrub HERE, and our Wet Glycolic Coffee Scrub HERE.  As always, every order over $35 qualifies for free shipping. 

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