New Coffees 8/16

We've added a few new coffees this week to the online store.  First up is a fantastic Yirgacheffe.  I'm not typically a fan of Yirgs, but this one is amazing.  It's a very sweet, punchy coffee.  Subtle brightness that isn't over powering gives way to luscious sweet fruit notes.  The coffee has good body and has a brown sugar finish.  Really impressive cup all around.  You can get it our Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Kochere here!
If you are looking for a great decaf, look no further than our Peru Royal Select Mountain Water Process decaf.  We roast it to a medium and the coffee really opens up and has great flavor and aroma here.  A full bodied and robust coffee, and really good flavor for a decaf.  Personally, I use this coffee to make cold brew for cocktails in the evening. While I love a cold brew vodka tonic in the summer(or 7), I don't want to be up all night from the caffeine.  Click here to get our Peru Royal Select Decaf!

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