New Arrivals: 2/23/2015

coffee colombia ethiopia new zimbabwe

Our best selling Santa Barbara Estate Colombian is back in stock.  We also have Ethiopia Illubabor Baaroo which is a fantastic coffee from Ethiopia.  Also in this week is Zimbabwe Chipinge which is an interesting coffee from Zimbabwe.  Grab your favorite or try all three!  All of our coffee is freshly roasted to order and shipped to your door. 

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Brewing the perfect cup

coffee coffee brewing coffee filter coffee grinder espresso french press pour over

The question I get asked the most from people about coffee is: “How do I brew a great cup of coffee?” This is often a difficult question to answer. You can make coffee several different ways and there are countless variables involved in each method that can significantly alter the quality of your cup. Often, the simplest things can throw off your cup more than anything (including even the quality of the coffee you are brewing). The best thing you can do, regardless of the way you brew your coffee, is to use good clean water. Filtered water, be it...

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