Product image of Honest Roast Coffee Beach Vibes Light Roast Fair Trade Organic Single Origin Coffee

Beach Vibes - Light Roast Single Origin Coffee

$ 16.99

The official coffee of watching the sun come up over the ocean...

Beach Vibes is a favorite of ours(especially in the winter months).  This light roast fair trade organic coffee is from Oaxaca, Mexico.  Mild and sweet, it's an incredibly drinkable light roast that isn't overly bright or acidic.  It will remind you of having breakfast on the sea side, sipping on this sweet coffee and listening to the waves crash on the beach.  Order a couple bags for your next vacation or just to get in that Beach Vibes state of mind no matter where you are.  Highly recommended as a cold brew as well!  As always, free shipping with every order over $60!